Hel­lo, I’m Ele­na! On this day we talk abo­ut tech­no­lo­gy with chil­dren. Thro­ugh a
pre­sen­ta­tion abo­ut the tech­no­lo­gi­cal trans­i­tion, the chil­dren were able to see how some
of the devi­ces we use most now have chan­ged over the years, such as the tele­pho­ne, the
com­pu­ter or the tele­vi­sion. During the pre­sen­ta­tion we sha­red both the posi­ti­ve points of
this chan­ge, as well as its nega­ti­ve con­se­qu­en­ces and tal­ked abo­ut some heal­thy habits
that we must car­ry out during the day. At the end of the pre­sen­ta­tion they could test a
pho­ne made with glas­ses and I think this was the­ir favo­ri­te part.