Hel­lo! My name is Ele­na, I am 22 years old and I am Spa­nish. I have lived all my
life in Madrid with my parents and my lit­tle bro­ther. This year I will volun­te­er at
Weso­le Nut­ki kin­der­gar­ten hel­ping the teachers, doing acti­vi­ties with the chil­dren and
teaching them some impor­tant topics as well as cul­tu­re abo­ut my coun­try. Last year I
fini­shed my degree in Psy­cho­lo­gy, which I cho­se becau­se I am very inte­re­sted in men­tal
health and I would like to be able to offer my help in this area to people who need it. I
like to work with chil­dren and I con­si­der myself a frien­dly and cre­ati­ve per­son, so I
always try to pro­po­se new ide­as for chil­dren to have fun whi­le learning.