Hel­lo, my name is Mer­le and I am from Ger­ma­ny, I have been volun­te­ering
here at Weso­le Nut­ki Kin­der­gar­ten sin­ce Novem­ber 2023. During my volun­te­er
servi­ce I was able to gain many enri­ching expe­rien­ces. One of my favo­ri­te
acti­vi­ties is doing cra­fts with the chil­dren. It is always gre­at to see
when chil­dren are hap­py to have made some­thing them­se­lves. In the last two
mon­ths, I have deci­ded to spe­ak English with the chil­dren, as my Polish is
sim­ply not good eno­ugh after this long time here:(. It is impres­si­ve to see
how quic­kly the chil­dren learn new words and are now able to under­stand and
spe­ak to me in English. I have also lear­ned a lot abo­ut the pro­fes­sion of a
kin­der­gar­ten teacher during my time here. The daily chal­len­ges and varied
tasks have given me valu­able insi­ghts, as well as an under­stan­ding of the
impor­tan­ce of patien­ce, empa­thy and cre­ati­vi­ty in dealing with chil­dren.
A high­li­ght of my work so far has been orga­ni­zing the lan­tern festi­val here
at the kin­der­gar­ten. I also spend a lot of time play­ing with the chil­dren
and get­ting to know them bet­ter. The atmo­sphe­re in the kin­der­gar­ten is very
ple­asant. Both the team and the chil­dren are very open and frien­dly, which
makes wor­king here par­ti­cu­lar­ly enjoy­able. All in all, I had a won­der­ful
time here at the kin­der­gar­ten.
The expe­rien­ces I was able to gain and the enco­un­ters with the chil­dren and
col­le­agu­es made this time a spe­cial and enri­ching pha­se for me.